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All About Cats

Welcome to the world of cats! This feline creature has got the charm to make you go ga-ga over it. Do you know that more than 32% of American households have cats? Cats are regarded as man's best companions, just like dogs. Ask any cat lover and he or she will tell you how superbly intelligent this animal is!

Before you bring home a cute little pussy, it's wise to have knowledge about cats and know ways to turn them into good 'members of the family'. Starting from selecting a cat to knowing the pattern of cat sleep and flea control, the cat's "tail" has more astonishing facts than the volume of fur on it.

The cat life stages are divided into the kitten stage (up to 1 year), the young cat (1-8 years), the pre-geriatric cat (8-12 years), and the old cat (above 12 years). Every stage comes with its own set of behavioral traits. Once you understand this 'katty' behavior, you can bond better with your feline pet and caring for your cat also becomes easy. You learn how to calm a frightened pussy and don't get terrified yourself when she wriggles into your armpit!

Who says cats cannot be trained? They can be trained AND pampered like any other pet! This ball of fur needs to know that she can't defecate anywhere she likes and also can't jump over tables for food. Training your cat demands patience and effort from your side. If you can give both, you can transform this agile creature into an obedient family member with a trained personality. This includes training your pet to use the cat litter box. Cats, instinctively, excrete on surface that can be dug, such as soil. You need to teach her that the litter box (or sandbox or cat box) is especially designed for her. And mind you, she's gonna test your patience learning this!

Do you know that your cat's hearing is more sensitive and powerful than dogs and humans? Humans can hear sounds within 20khz while cats can hear upto 65 khz. She can hear you coming from 100 feet away! Also, stroking your cat lovingly helps to lower your blood pressure. This has been proven scientifically! And if you think cats purr only when they are happy, you need to get a deeper insight into this species. This is because cats also purr when they are hurt or frightened. And wait! Do you know the only animal on the earth that can purr is the cat? You'll drop your jaw right on the ground with more such fun facts about cats!

Interested in the anatomy of a cat? Even if you were not, you'd be, after knowing that the cat's whiskers are not just a "fashion accessory." They are a vital tool to get information about their surroundings, such as knowing the height for a jump or space to squeeze into. Besides this, in proportion to size of the body, cats possess the biggest eyes among all mammals. And, do you know why cats' eyes glow in the dark? You find out the answer to this question yourself!

One thing that every cat owner should know is cat travel. You don't want your poor little thing to get car sick in the middle of the journey. Give your cat an enjoyable ride by knowing what exactly to do before traveling. Besides, you'd want to buy some quality cat furniture for your little princess, wouldn't you?

Maybe you also think keeping cats is the latest fad? Wrong again! Read cat in history. The relationship between this feline creature and human dates back to 7500 BC - the Neolithic Era! Till today, cats have continued to serve and entertain their masters. And what they expect in return is just food and love - lots of it!

Ah yes, don't forget - if you love cats, you're an ailurophile. This is what they call cat lovers! Meowww.

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