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Keeping Your Cat Active

Most cat owners keep their cat's indoor. This is the safest and healthiest way maintain your cat. Not only does it lengthen their life span compared to outdoor cats but it also keeps them from the elements and pests of the outdoors.

The only trouble with cats that live indoors is the amount of activity they receive. Once a kitten begin to transform into a full adult their activity level automatically decreases. Some cats, due to over feeding, become over weight and dramatically decrease their activity levels. Your family veterinarian can approve a proper diet for your cat if it is over weight. Not only does excess weight decrease energy levels but it puts your family friend at risk for heart attack, heart disease, and a number of diseases that decrease their life span.

So what can be done to increase their energy, stamina, and activity? The general rule is to keep your cat at a healthy weight. Once this is achieved begin to consider options involving supplement and outside stimulus. There are thousands of toys, games, and even exercise equipment available for cats. The number one way to help keep your cat active is to encourage it by playing with them.

Even with all of the fancy toys and contraptions available the number one selling product to promote physical activity is a regular laser pointer, available at any retail store. These tiny red dots cause almost every cat to go into overdrive. They are safe when used correctly and can lead to hours of running, jumping, and playing. You can use these inexpensive toys to set designated play-times with your pet and offer rewards for playful activity.

The best way to choose proper toys and equipment is to test them and see which ones appeal to your cats taste. Climbing trees are very popular. These are ceiling mounted, carpet covered poles that extend floor-to-ceiling and create a climbing environment for your cat. Generally a platform can be found at the top that allow them to roost after their climb. It also benefits their claws and their need to scratch.

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