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Treatment For Cat Limping

Cat limping can occur due to a number of reasons. First, try to determine which joint is causing the limping or lameness. If it is caused due to some injury, you can distinguish the affected area by some noticeable swelling, heat or pain near the joint. If no such sign is apparently noticeable, then closely look at the paws of your cat.

What To Do When You See The Signs Of Cat Limping:-

  • Examine the paws of your cat closely. Watch out if any thorn, stickers or foreign object has become stuck between the pads of the paw.
  • Notice if there is any noticeable swelling that can be due to a bee sting or physical injury.
  • If your cat had walked down on any sharp objects like broken glass or metallic plates, it could be suffering from a laceration that can result in its limping. This kind of injury should be treated with the help of a vet.
  • Sometimes bleeding can be due to a broken toenail or an infection. Be gentle while you are examining your cat as broken toenails can be extremely painful.
  • If you see any noticeable swelling, or pain; that can occur from a break or sprain of a joint.
  • After Locating The Causes Of Cat Limping, You Can Do The Following:

    • The most common cause of lameness is a broken toenail which is very painful for the cat. In this case, take your kitty to the vet who will remove the entire toenail after putting the cat under anesthesia. Healing will automatically begin after the removal and a new nail will start to grow. To check a malformed toenail, the newly grown toenail should be regularly clipped.
    • If you see an injury or a cut, wash the wounded place carefully with a wound cleanser. Apply an antiseptic cream and follow it with wrapping the injured place with gauze. You can treat your cat by yourself if it's a small cut. But if the injury is deep and is causing a lot of bleeding, then its better to consult a vet because sometimes it becomes very difficult to keep the bandage on the right place on a cat's paw. Serious injury requires expert help. So take your cat to the nearest vet because sometimes serious injury or deep cut may require stitches which cannot be done without the help of an expert.
    • Sometimes, foreign objects can get stuck in between the toes or in the pad. With the help of tweezers, carefully remove the unwanted foreign object. Burrs, hair mats, or clip back mats are some of the most commonly found objects that cause cat limping. After carefully removing the object, wash the affected place thoroughly with a cleanser and apply an antibiotic cream afterwards for faster healing.
    • Sometimes burns can also cause your cat to limp. If your cat is suffering from burns, then wash the affected area with a cleanser, then apply an antibiotic cream and cover the area with gauze. If the burns are serious, take your cat to the vet at the earliest.

    If limping is caused due to some minor injury, you can treat it at home. But if the injury is serious or you are not sure about what are the causes of cat limping; then, in that case, you should take your cat to the vet as soon as possible.

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