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Cat Medication

One of the major battles that every pet owner has to fight is the ticks battle. Ticks are ectoparasites, i.e., they feed on the blood of living creatures by residing on their bodies. Whenever a dog or cat passes from nearby, these ticks can sense the warmth of the body. They immediately attach themselves to the body or fur of the animal. They continue to feed till they have had their fill. After that, they drop off the prey.

One interesting thing about ticks is their grip. They won't loosen their grip no matter what you do until they've finished feeding. And if you think a just-extinguished match or a still lit match can burn these tiny beasts off, you're in for a surprise. They'd burn, no doubt; but wouldn't drop off! Even nail polish would do the trick of killing the ticks; but that too would fail to dislodge these tiny monsters from the pet's body. Some grip these ticks have!

There are cat tick medications available in the market to deal with these stubborn parasites. Remember, medications meant for cat ticks SHOULD NOT be used for dog ticks or vice versa. It can cause toxicity to the animals.

Another long lasting battle is that with fleas. These pests are dangerous for your cat's health. Some cats are hypersensitive to the saliva of these fleas. Even a single flea bite renders them helpless- they just keep scratching all over the body! This can lead to hair loss, secondary skin infections, and inflammation. And this is not all. Fleas are carriers of worms, which can enter your cat's body and cause serious diseases. Severe flea infestation can even be fatal for your cat, as it may lead to severe blood loss.

It's important to administer cat flea medication to deal with these pests. It's tough to win a battle against these tiny creatures otherwise. However, do not try to buy flea medication on your own. Consult your vet. It's vital to administer the right dosage to your cat. The dosage depends on her breed, age, size, and severity of the flea infestation. Moreover, it's wiser to get a medication that works not only for fleas, but also for mosquitoes, ticks, and other such pests.

One of the most serious medical conditions in cats is the heartworm disease. It's so heart wrenching to know that your little pussy's heart is being eaten away by worms! It's better to opt for cat heartworm control before the situation goes out of hand and your pussy lands in the animal hospital. Don't make any decisions yourself. Consult a vet. He or she would know the best about this disease, which is based on the lifestyle and living area of your pet. It's important to take into consideration the overall health of your cat before selecting the medication for heartworm.

These medications come in both pill and topical form. Choose the form that's convenient to administer to your pet. Remember, the correct dosage is crucial. Even a slightest doubt about the dosage means that you must call the vet again. Most of the medications harbor monthly dosages. Again, medications meant for cats should not be given to dogs or vice versa.

While giving the medicine to your cat, don't be upset or anxious. Your cat will immediately sense your mood and become upset herself! Handle your ball of fur with affection and tact. You should prop her on a slippery surface such as the kitchen counter top so that she cannot resist much, or cover her with a towel to hamper her feet movements so that you can handle her with ease. Be gentle, yet firm while administering the medication to your cat.

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