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Understanding Cat Pregnancy Labor

Cat pregnancy labor comes with certain signs. If you have been taking care of your pet properly throughout her pregnancy, she shouldn't have much difficulty while giving birth. A nutritious diet and lots of love can help her in having an easy labor.

Cat pregnancy labor occurs around the 64th day of pregnancy. However, you may not be able to calculate her due date that accurately. Therefore, it's best to watch out for labor signs to know that she's about to give birth.

Signs Of Cat Pregnancy Labor

  • Your cat's hunger doubles a few weeks before labor. She needs to nourish herself and her growing kittens inside. Give her amply food.
  • You can almost notice the kittens moving in her belly. Do not try to press her belly in a bid to feel her kittens. This can lead to miscarriage.
  • She will begin nesting. You'll notice her searching for a cozy, safe, and serene place to give birth. You should have provided her a maternity box so that she doesn't choose your closet to give birth!
  • As your cat's labor starts, she loses all appetite. Some cats may eat, but very little.
  • An approaching labor makes her cling to you. She will follow you everywhere around the house. You should give her all the affection she wants at this time. She might be anxious, especially if it's her first pregnancy. Never chide her for following you.
  • As her labor approaches closer, she starts pacing about. You'll notice her excited or a bit nervous.
  • One of the distinct signs of cat pregnancy labor is her call to you. This sound is different from her usual meows and purrs. You'll immediately know she's in labor, even though you may never have heard this sound before.
  • As her labor zeroes in, you'll notice her licking her bottom repeatedly. This is her response to the changing body sensations as her kittens are about to come out.
  • When your cat feels the first pain of her labor, she'll get uneasy and pace in and out of her box frantically. Her labor has begun.

Things Required For Cat's Birth

Apart from the maternity box that you have already provided your queen a few weeks before labor, there are a few other things that may come in handy.

  • Syringe or eyedropper for aspiring the mouth and nose discharge
  • Cotton thread or dental floss for ties
  • Antiseptic for umbilical stumps
  • A pair of scissors
  • Fresh towels, lots of them
  • The emergency number of your vet
  • Sterile surgical gloves
  • Kitten milk replacer

So, now you know the cat pregnancy labor signs. This will reduce your anxiety when you see your heavily pregnant cat moving around the house. Besides, you need not call a vet, most of the times a healthy and strong cat can go through her pregnancy and labor without much difficulty.

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