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What To Expect In Different Stages Of Cat Pregnancy

Though most cats deliver their kitten without much difficulty, it is comforting to know what happens with your beloved pet in different states of cat pregnancy. Studies show that except for Persian cats, all breeds of cat have problem-free pregnancy. This article helps you to get prepared for cat pregnancy.

When a cat goes through successful pregnancy, here are some of things that you should expect at different stages of cat pregnancy:

Early Stage Of Pregnancy

Cat pregnancy gestation period is about nine to ten weeks or between 60 to 70 days. There are a few faint symptoms which are visible only after three weeks. Your cats nipples start swelling and their color changes to light pink. This is described as pinking. Around the fourth or fifth week the cats tummy starts showing signs of swelling up.

During this period there are many hormonal changes happening inside cats body and due to this her behavior also changes a lot. Naturally her dietary needs would get affected too. Weight gain is quite normal during pregnancy. You should be giving her a stress free environment and best quality cat food mixed with her regular food to make her adjust well with the ongoing changes within her body. Also provide her with a plenty of fresh and clean water for her increased need of water intake.

Professional Checkup

A professional checkup by a vet in early stages of cat pregnancy helps to provide an overall idea of the cats general well being. Around after three weeks a vet can check your cat by feeling lumps in the cats abdomen area for the presence of developing fetuses. A vet can also do an ultrasound check on your cat to check the kittens, their heartbeats and their exact number. There is another method of checking the fetuses which is the X-ray. Though X-ray can show you the exact skeletons of kittens after around 6 weeks, it is dangerous because of radiation emission.

The Last Two Weeks Of Pregnancy

During these last couple of weeks in the stages of cat pregnancy are quite crucial. If you want to know the exact time of your cat going into labor, then you should start taking her temperature everyday. Maintain the same time everyday. The ideal cat temperature should be between 101 F and 102 F. When she shows the 1 or 2 point drops in temperature (temperature blow 100 F), she is ready to deliver her kittens within next 24 to 48 hours.

Cat Pregnancy Labor And Birth Of Kittens

In the last stages of cat pregnancy, during the last 1 or 2 days before the labor begins your cat would show more signs of restlessness. She would become more anxious and she would start her nesting activities. She would roam around the house in search of a safe and quiet place for the birth of her kittens. When the actual labor begins her breathing rate would increase and the contractions would start. The cat would lie on her side and occasionally try to push the kittens out. After the labor begins, the first kitten should arrive within an hour. The entire labor and birth process takes around 8 to 10 hours; this varies with the number of litter.

I hope this article will be useful for you when you want to be by your beloved pet during all the stages of cat pregnancy. Having the basic idea of what happens in each stage also tells you when you need to call in the vet in emergency situations.

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